< Chinese cheap labour household monument >

White statues are placed on top of cabinets as the Mao Zedong era custom. The artist has produced this set of domestic memorial statues featuring Chinese cheap labour as a remake and continuation of the iconic Mao household sculptures of the last century. This is the artist's response to China's international image as the world's factory and its political efforts to reconstruct its communist image in recent years.
The sculpture emphasizes the traces of the hand, and the artist sees the act of her labour as her way of understanding the distance between her and the cheap labourers - her as a privileged consumer, and the distant and invisible workers who produce the objects around her. The statues depict labourers’ possessions, as well as scenes of them working and defending their rights.

Chairman Mao Domestic statue

Mao Zedong ceramic statue was a typical item of house furnishings in the 60s to 90s' China. Aiming to materialize the highest respect towards Mao—the man who ‘brought the Chinese people a new and beautiful life’. Due to the presence of a large number of Mao supporters, these old statues are still active on the secondary market today as a popular antique collection.